September 18, 2019
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Here’s How to Do An Effective Natural Diet in 1 Week

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effective dietDoing a week of an effective natural diet does not require drugs or slimming substances, but with a healthy diet and exercise. Doing a diet to lose weight in a short time is not easy. Instead, the diet should be generally done in a longer term because it will definitely have a better health effect.

However, if it is really urgent, there is a natural way in a 1-week diet program that can be tried. Doing a short term diet should not often be done for health reasons. But if only doing this occasionally, the body can still tolerate it. Generally, the minimum time required in a diet program is about 2 weeks, as also suggested in a program of Mayo Diet. Even another diet program takes up to one month, whereas OCD diet requires up to 3 months.

Natural diet program within one week can be carried out in various ways. Natural itself means how we can go on a diet without any interferences from slimming drugs or substances altogether. A natural way of doing this can be done by eating healthy foods, of course, with different portions, and also by doing sport. Well, maybe the way we would suggest in this article will be suitable for you who are looking to lose weight naturally within 1 week. Please read to this article until finished.

How to lose Weight Naturally in 1 Week

Different ways to lose weight can be taken down quickly. From 1 week natural diet, to a variety of ways to consume supplements or chemical drugs where most experts said could help speed up the weight loss process. However, the final results obtained by each person are different. This is because there are certain factors that make the results from one person to another different. Consistency and seriousness of someone in a diet program is clearly a major factor that determines the success of a diet.

The basis of the one week natural diet program is actually the same as the general way or a traditional way to lose weight. However, it’s just more intense, a shorter time, and also some adjustments. To be able to lose weight in a significant amount with a time of 1 week, try to follow some of the following suggestions.

Reducing Sugar and Carbohydrates

Reducing does not mean you are not allowed to eat them. It means one should only consume sugar and carbohydrates, as long as the intake is not exaggerated. When you start doing the diet, the first thing you do is to reduce the consumption of foods containing high sugar and high carbohydrate. Both of these substances could secrete the insulin hormone, which could accumulate the fat within the body. By reducing these two substances you can eliminate 5 kilograms of your weight in just one week if this is done consistently.


The 1 week natural diet strategy that you can try next is to eat more vegetables, protein and good fats. Basically, the human body requires approximately 20-50 grams of protein each day. The protein intake will make your metabolism performs better. To get the protein intake, you can get it from various sources of food which is certainly tasty and delicious. Best protein can be taken from white eggs, shrimp, salmon, beef, chicken, lobster and so on. With high protein intake, your metabolism will run more smoothly, including the fat burning in the body.

2 thoughts on “Here’s How to Do An Effective Natural Diet in 1 Week

  1. Thanks for the great article. I have tried this method by reducing carbohydrates and keep it for one month. However, will it successfully be done in only one week?

    1. Thank you Allysa,
      Yes you can actually implement this method in one week. You will not only need to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, but you will also require to eat less sugar and also consume more protein in order to do this effectively.

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