September 18, 2019
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Five Ways Green Tea Helps to Lose Weight

Green Tea for Health

Green tea is the healthiest drink in the world, and this has been proven by many researchers. Green tea is also proven to help in increasing the body’s metabolism, which ultimately helps in weight loss.

Green Tea for Health

The thing is, consuming the right amount of green tea per day to lose weight, has never been explained. Most experts say that, two cups a day is enough, because keep in mind that green tea also contains caffeine.

If we consume caffeine too much, it is bad for health. Of course, the upper limit of caffeine intake is different for each person, depending on diet, overall health condition and lifestyle.

So it is advisable to seek advice from a doctor. But for those who want to use green tea to lose weight, here are five ways that right that we have quoted from magforwoman:

  1. Drink while still warm

If you want to consume green tea, it is good to drink while it is still warm. If possible, do not drink it when it is cold, especially with an ice in it. This is because the viscosity of green tea could change, especially if you add ice, it will make your diet fail.

  1. Buy the best brands

Quality will usually equal to the price incurred. In the market, a lot of green tea brands are sold, but you’ll want to buy a high quality product, because this tea is usually processed when it is still fresh and natural, which will naturally be rich in anti-oxidants and offers many benefits to the human body.

  1. Add lemon and honey

Add a few drops of lemon to your green tea, which makes a better effect for weight loss. This mixture will naturally cleanse your body from toxins, and reduce cholesterol levels. Similarly, if you do not like the taste of natural green tea, you can add honey.

  1. Consume it while it is still fresh

Like most other food products, the effectiveness of green tea may also begin to deteriorate if it is not consumed in the fresh state. Many green tea products specifying the date of expiry, but if you get a raw green tea extract, make sure that you do not consume it more than six months. By doing so, the effectiveness of antioxidants will be maintained.

  1. Control your diet

Green tea can be really healthy and helps in the process of weight loss. However, it is not a magic solution to the problem of obesity. In order for the green tea to work effectively, it is important to change your diet and control the amount of calories consumed. Make sure that you eat fruits and vegetables, and reduce calories, so that the effects of green tea can actually be seen.

One thing you have to understand and realize that green tea alone will not help you lose weight. You must consume the right amount of green tea, so as not to cause harmful effects to the body.

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