September 18, 2019
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Drinking Water Can Reduce 4.3 Kg of Weight Per Day

Drink health water

Drink health waterYou try to measure weight and feel the scales are increasingly moving in the right direction? That means your weight is increasing.

Do not be grumpy! You can really prevent it continues to happen by only with drinking water in a different way.

A study conducted in the UK reveals how drinking water could expect a reduction in weight. White water to drink is 500 ml or about two cups around 30 minutes before eating. Remember to avoid carbonated water or water with other mixtures.

As a result, the habit was allegedly able to lose an average of 4.3 kg per day if done 3 times a day. Or, if done once a day, this method can cut the weight of about 0.8 kg per day.

Research conducted in England involving 84 people classified as obese. Then the group was divided into two groups. If the first group was asked to drink water before eating, then the second group was only asked to imagine them self already full.

The first group experienced a weight loss of 1.3 kg more than the second group.

Other scientific evidence conducted by researchers from Germany proves that water consumption can support weight loss by allowing more calories to be burned.

Other studies also show a link between water intake and weight loss. People who drink more water and eat fruits and vegetables will reduce the habit of high-sugary drinks. The new habit is also followed by a lack of desire to eat high-calorie foods. This means that fewer calories get into the body. Chances are, there would be a reaction of the body that is getting a bit thirsty so that you will consume less sweet drink.

That’s why in addition to drinking water directly, in order to lose weight, you will need to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Both types of these foods contain about 90% water which can be used to meet the needs of fluid every day.

A Japanese study revealed that women who ate two types of these foods have a smaller body mass index and waistlines size.

One of the advantages of the method of using water as a supporter of weight loss is the ease of doing so in the middle of dense activity, compared to other weight loss methods.

Just keep in mind that in order to achieve weight reduction, it must be accompanied by changes in lifestyle and healthier food choices, also exercise activities that are performed regularly.

Are you getting the spirit of reaching your ideal weight? Let’s try this way together and enjoy on the scales moving further to the left. But, for those who have certain health conditions, do not forget to consult with your doctor first before trying any method.

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