September 18, 2019
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Everyone knows that the key to lose weight are to eat less and multiply gestures (sports, weight training, etc.). Sounds very simple indeed, but in reality is not that simple anymore.

If you are overweight and want to go on a diet, it is important to develop a plan and a commitment to the program successfully. The right strategy will bring the right results as well.

In this site, we are using the concept of billion baby turtles. They do not eat food when hatched, and only consume natural foods when they are hungry.

We believe that anything that comes from nature has great benefits for humans, including fruit as a medium to lose weight naturally.

The ideal body shape and healthy is a dream of everyone, both women and men. It is the underlying presence of BillionBabyTurtles concept as an information provider to bridge those who want to have an ideal and healthy body through natural foods.

To be successful in the program, you are required to eat certain foods such as fresh fruits, raw vegetables, high protein drinks and pure protein. If you are still consuming other unhealthy foods in addition to materials of the above during a diet, then certainly this program will not make you lose weight.

Ricki Friedman, a medical practitioner who is also the originator of the site Break Weight diet, said that, what you eat and when foods are eaten are two things that are equally crucial in weight loss programs.

In other words, choosing mealtimes can be a determinant of the success or failure of the diet.

According to Ricki, the best time for a big meal is at 12 noon to 5 pm.

Because at that moment, someone still has time to move after a meal, such as working, walking, and other activities that could support the digestive performance.

Thus, the body still has a chance to change the incoming calories into energy.

Billion Baby Turtles is about combining an eating pattern and the type of food you are eating.