September 18, 2019
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Billion Baby Turtles

Why do we name this website Billion Baby Turtles?

Here’s why.

Baby turtles that had just hatched from the eggs do not need food. It can be seen in the figure that the egg yolk sac on the baby turtles which newly hatched is outside the hard tissue (plastron). The egg yolk contains substances needed by baby turtles.

It is noteworthy that the baby turtles will always look for natural foods. This is the reason why farmers have to prepare the food according to the needs of the baby turtles.

With respect to this topic, a strict diet and practicing the gym is often regarded as an effective option for losing your weight. But given the daily busy schedules, diet and exercise are not easy to do. We often will take the time to pay attention to diet or exercise for hours in the gym. In addition, diet and exercise program may help in lowering a few kilograms in a short amount of time, but the weight loss will only be temporary. By stopping the diet, the possibility of gaining weight will surely reappear.

It is a bit of a misconception that losing weight can only be achieved through a strict diet or tight exercise. So, what is the secret of losing weight without a diet?

Following a healthy lifestyle is equally important to maintaining a healthy weight. By trying the following strategies, you can slim down your body in a healthy way and without pain because most people are suffering from hunger due to a monotonous diet.

The billion baby turtles are parable concepts of losing weight by following what baby sea turtles do when they had just hatched. They do not need food, and when they need food, they will only search for natural foods.

Here is how people can lose weight without dieting by following billion baby turtles concept:

Chew your food properly

Studies have proven that if you are chewing food longer, then you will tend to consume fewer calories. Moreover, chewing in a longer time will prevent overeating, because it gives time for the brain to receive signals from a full belly. It will also facilitate better digestion, and limit your portion size. Therefore, it is recommended to chew food about 35 to 50 times per mouthful.

Pay attention to your food

We often hear our parents advised us not speak, read or watch TV while eating. When you are multitasking while you eat, then you will tend to consume more food. Therefore, pay attention to what you eat is very important.

Avoid food that is overcooked

Foods that are too ripe will lead to decreased levels of nutrients. If you lose nutrients, you will feel full naturally, and may want to eat a junk food. To prevent this, you can increase the consumption of raw foods such as salads and sushi. It is advisable to eat foods that are steamed, or baked, grilled vegetables, as well as grilled meat and fish.

Eat more fruits and grains

Fruits and vegetables which are low in calories must be consumed more than other foods that are high in fat and calories. Vegetables should be consumed more than meat, because they are rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fiber. All types of grains such as whole wheat bread and pasta, brown rice, popcorn should replace refined grains such as white bread, cakes, cookies and pretzels. Grains, fruits and vegetables are foods that generally provide a high fiber, which is needed by the body, and will make you feel full longer.

Eat often, but a little bit

Often, eat will speed metabolism, and the energy is continuously at a higher level throughout the day. Therefore, it is ideal to eat five to six times per day with a break of 2-3 hours between meals and snacks. Portion control is essential to prevent overeating. This can be achieved by using smaller bowls, plates and cups. Reducing the share of 10% to 20% could be conducive to your effort of losing weight. Another strategy is by using an appetite suppressant. New product invention, such as HCG diet will significantly help you to eat less when you need to.

Carefully choose Calories in liquid

Sweet drinks should be avoided, because it is very high in calories. Satisfy your thirst with water, skim milk or low-fat milk or a small serving of 100% fruit juice or low calorie vegetable juice. Limit or avoid alcohol if necessary. Drinks that contain this would save a large amount of calories, so the number of calories will add up quickly.

Drinking Green Tea

Besides water, green tea is also a metabolism booster. Studies have shown that drinking green tea will burn 400 extra calories a week. It also has antioxidant power.

Getting Protein in every meal

Foods that contain low-fat protein should be part of every meal or snack. This is because proteins provide a feeling of satiety for a longer period of time, thus preventing overeating. Consumption of low-fat yogurt, some nuts, peanut butter eggs, and lean meats are recommended.

Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water is of key importance of a healthy lifestyle. Drinking cold water will increase your metabolism, because your body will work harder to warm the liquid so that more calories are burned. In addition, the water will make you feel full, so you do not desire to snack. Water will also keep your system hydrated, and helps muscle hormone – releasing your body improvement.